Children's Camp 2024

August 11th – 17th
@ All Saints Camp, Elementon PA

This is a week long residential camp for income eligible youth ages 8-15 that provides mentors and positive role models and exposes youth to the joys of residential camping.

We are looking for volunteers!

An Unforgettable Experience!

Youth Alternatives Kids Cooking S'mores around a campfire

This is a week long residential camp for income eligible youth ages 8-15. This camp provides mentors and positive role models for youth and exposes them to the fun filled activities of residential camping.

Tons of Exciting Activities!

5 Children help a camp counselor adult fold the American flag next to its pole after it was taken down for the day.

Camping activities include, but are not limited to, swimming, boating, fishing, arts and crafts, a talents show, sing-a-longs, campfires, photography, and many many more.

Making Friendships that Last

Children from the 2021 Children's Camp all pose together, underneath a Camp Beaumont Banner.

Approximately 20 campers stay in each cabin along with 2 head counselors and 5-7 junior counselors. Counselors have been trained in CPR/First Aid and have all the necessary clearances.

A Children's Camp volunteer smiles as children play outside.

Our Volunteers Make
Children's Camp Magical!

Children’s Camp Volunteers are pivotal in guiding youth through transformative outdoor experiences. From nature hikes to campfire gatherings, these experiences build resilience, teamwork, and a deep connection to nature. Volunteers serve as mentors, sparking curiosity and nurturing creativity. Their efforts leave a lasting impact, shaping a generation of compassionate and resilient individuals.

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